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VANTRGAP was born with the mission of bringing to life quality fruit products controlled by a team of kind people. With the vision of being the No. 1 distributor of fresh fruit and dried food in Vietnam and reaching international level, bringing safe products from production to consumers fastest, we have 3 core values:
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Cat Chu mango is grown in Cao Lanh - Dong Thap by local people according to natural farming methods. Sand Chu mango has an average weight of 350-450g, elongated shape, pale yellow when ripe. The name Cat Chu mango comes from the outer shape of the mango: slightly protruding at the end of the fruit. Cat Chu mango when ripe has a bright yellow skin, a lot of flesh and a bit tough, soft, sweet and ve


Green-skinned grapefruit - Vantrgap
Green-skinned grapefruit in the garden - Vantrgap
Hoa Loc Sand Mango - Vantrgap

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